2017 Resolutions

These are my New Years Resolutions for 2017! Enjoy 🙂

Run 500 miles this year. – this one I was totally on the fence with. Sometimes I was thinking can I do this, and other times it was like beyond easy, should it have been higher. Right now I think I am at a good pace to complete by looking at the data below:

2017 Resolutions:
Run 500 miles this year
January 77.04
February 48.14
March 44.37
April  85.79
May  102.81
June  37.95
July  44.38
August  73.83
September  86.11
October  86.97
November  50.65
December  38.74
Total Miles 776.78

Second Resolution was to read a book a month. This could be any type of book.

 Read a book a month
January Younger next year
February n/a
March  What alice forgot
April  So you have been Publicaly shamed
May  The Alchemist
June  the Jungle
July  Prince Lestat


Third Resolution was to try to go to the gym 3 days a week. My normal thing is to run outside, but I wanted to change it up a bit with weightlifting and other strength exercises, and so far so good!!

My last Resolution was to do a challenge each month. So far I have only missed April in presenting a challenge to my friends to do with me.  If you are interested it I have it here.

January – planks challange
February – pushups
March – triceps
April – none
May – water