Running Glasses – Equipment that works!


So I had these glasses that I wore when I was running outside for a long, long time and loved them so. When the family visited Disney World they flew out of my pocket on the Harry Potter ride never to be seen again. I scoured the interwebs for these glasses, looking high and low, not really knowing the name or item number until around Christmas of 2016. I saw an ad and went to and lo and behold I see the exact pair of glasses that i lost several months ago and so desperately wanted back.

This is where is gets bad, I didn’t bother to really read reviews of the site, the sites been established for some time so i just purchased them. Almost a month went by an no glasses still! SO I called them, they said that the glasses were shipped and that it was no longer their problem. I argued to no extent but they wouldn’t budge, so I called UPS and they placed a claim in them and told me they the company will help me find the package and get things settled out.

Another month rolls by, its now mid February, and still no glasses. Only good thing that came out of it was that i did get the name and item number so i ordered them from Amazon Prime.

They should be here Saturday!

Item(for future reference):Ironman Victorious 10231914 Square Sunglasses


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