Tuesday Fix! Get Back on Track With Losing Weight.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight but can’t seem to stay on track with your goal? Sometimes when goals are just written down, and the work to achieve this goal is not listed, it makes it hard to focus on them.  Let’s take a step back and break this down into a new approach of goal setting.

The Fix: Write your goal down on the top of a piece of paper – in this case to lose 5 pounds. Next, start to list how you can achieve that goal.

Items to think about:

Swap soda/sweet tea for water

Skip dessert

Only drink wine one day a week

Swap out chips for carrots and celery

Lower your calorie intake by 250 calories (by using awesome tools like MyfitnessPal)

Seek guidance from a nutritional expert (some businesses offer wellness workshops and offer this for free, so look it up!)

Once you have a decent list to work off of, forget the big goal and start to concentrate on the smaller actions that you outlined to help you achieve that big goal, and it will follow.

What are some of your goals, and how do you keep on track with them?

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