Don’t hog the machine!

Hello there! I am not making this into a rant or anything but this has happened to me so often at my new gym, and with my being on a “lunch” when this is happening I am limited to what I can do. That being said this is what happened today.

I was on the Stairmaster warming up before lifting and notice that both bicep machines near me are taken. This is fine; I have 4 other machines I want to use in today’s training and those are free.

I use one then another, and on one of the bicep curl machines the one particular person has not moved, has not lifted, but has thumb wrestled with his phone for quite a bit gym time wise. The other machine has another person on it.

Fine – I keep going but I really want to use that machine soon. Free weights are so far from where I am but I have that as an option.

On my last machine the one guy who has been there for about 20 or so minutes has finally done one set and moved off without cleaning it (not that there’s much sweat with sitting there). The other machine is also free so I use that one 🙂

I am happy; I got my sets in, but OMG why do you just sit there??!! Need to send a quick text?  Go for it.  Need to write down your reps?  Be my guest.  But the bicep curl machine is not a weird-looking couch.  So go lean against a wall or sit on a chair, or out of the way so that those who do have time limits can work out too!

What do you think about this? Does your gym have a “no cell phone” policy for times like this? What do you do in situations like this?

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