My New Garden

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

Well for one, my name is not Mary, but hey there blog readers! I am so excited to try to grow an garden this year.

I have done tomatoes before, with moderate success. The problem with them is that they really just go everywhere so this year I am trying to grow them in containers.

I have some big boys and some celebrities. the Big boys look a little sad, but the celebrities have some green tomatoes on them already.



In the garden itself I have cucumbers, red bell peppers which are doing great plus some carrots and beets, that are still very small. In the picture below you can see the cucumbers and peppers in the back, but the carrots and beets are so small, I hope they make it.



I also have marigolds in the corners to repel some of the bugs and pests. Keep your fingers crossed that this works.

I also have a potato planter that I am trying out. I got the idea from the Nifty Outdoors video I shared from Buzzfeed and its already sprouting. Here is is already growing and ready for more dirt. If you want to see how I created the potato pot watch the video. Belie me its super easy! I really cant wait to see what I get out of this 😛


Cute right!?!

2 thoughts on “My New Garden

  1. I’m so jealous of your climate that you have those crops growing already. I’m getting nervous about putting runner beans and French beans in the ground in the UK in case we haven’t seen our last frost yet!


    1. Yes, the weather here is gorgeous!! Good luck with your garden and keep me posted on how it goes! thanks for commenting 🙂


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