Review of Noom

When I saw the Facebook ad for this service I was excited to jump onboard.  They have a free 2 week trial period and it is built around having a coach, articles and a group of peers to commiserate with during the trials and tribulations of dieting and making the lifestyle changes needed to succeed.  J

The cost is $25 per month and they say it will take at least 16 weeks to succeed so they will bill you accordingly.

This portion is really interesting: ” After the free trial period ends, all fees and charges assessed are non-refundable. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your subscription period and no subsequent charges will be processed.” So it looks if you do not cancel before the free trial you are sticking with the program for the duration of the program

This app states that it provides you with articles that revolve around your “weight loss Demons.” Things like sugar cravings, social eating and drinking, and being active, and more

It also has a coach to help you through all of these steps, one you can talk with to help you along the way.

The group was my favorite part, as you can talk to them about anything, and get guidance from them, or commiserate with them on issues you are having.

So I signed up right away!

Here’s what’s happening so far…

To sign up you must first fill out a form to have a customized plan that’s fit for you!

First question is how much weight do you want to lose.

Second is your height and current weight.

Third question is your age group.

Fourth is gender.

Fifth question is “how healthy is your current lifestyle.”

  • My diet and activity need a lot of work
  • I have some healthy habits
  • I mostly eat well and stay active

Sixth is “Are you at risk of any of the following: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Osteoarthritis, kidney disease, Other or none.”

Seventh is “What’s your biggest Challenge with making healthy choices?”

  • Time — there’s never enough of it!
  • Temptations when I go out
  • I just need a little extra support
  • I don’t know where to begin…
  • All the conflicting advice out there

Eighth question “Which situations would likely trigger unhealthy habits for you? Choose all that apply.”

  • A stressful day at work or home
  • Parties or social events
  • Feeling angry, sad or lonely
  • Eating out at restaurants
  • Sweets in the break room
  • Walking down the aisles of the grocery store

Ninth Question is “What is the best way our course can help you?”

  • Help me balance all of my responsibilities and yet make my health a priority
  • Find a solution that sticks for the long-run
  • Learn how to navigate my environment — from making healthier choices when out to finding ways to cope with stress

After this question you build your plan!

When I signed up on Thursday, my week started Monday. There was articles and whatnot that I assumed that I was supposed to go through. It wasn’t very clear, if I should go back to just move forward.

The Articles I thought were to assist you with your specific issues, but I think it’s more generalized ones. I was given articles on trying to be more active, but in my questionnaire I told them that I was indeed pretty active already. Other articles were, risk factors of being overweight, complications of being overweight, etc. I am not really sure these articles are specific enough for me, bu t I am aure are great for others.

There are 2 coaches that you work with. One is your goal specialist, she works with you about once per week, and if you text her it does take a while to get a reply, usually on the day she said that she will chat with you next. You have a facilitator that is in your group chats and asked questions and tries to get the group engaged.

You also have a concierge to start you off, but I can’t seem to find her any longer.

My big to-do was about the group, I was so excited to commiserate with others about snacking and temptations, and again a big reason why I signed up, but my group is pretty quiet. I ask questions a lot and my facilitator takes them and asks the team to get input but they are fairly quiet.

I am not sure this is the right product for me, so I am trying to cancel the service before I get billed as it looks like I will not get a refund if this goes through.

Canceling I think will be harder than I thought. They have how-to’s but none of them work and they say to speak to the coach but she doesn’t answer the chats for a lengthy amount of time. I may be stuck, even though I have another week before my trial is up. I can keep you posted.

Has anyone else tried this app and how is it working for you? I had just high hopes for this to work.

5 thoughts on “Review of Noom

  1. I am right there with you. I am active, I know how to eat, but need a group to be accountable to for a little more support. How did it go? I have been looking into Noom, but want to keep thinking about it. I am discouraged that there is no phone number to call for questions.


    1. Hi Jenn – I ended up canceling because the group portion was not working as I wanted. I was really excited when it started but the interaction was minimal.


  2. I was really excited the first three weeks even though my group is exactly as quiet as you described. But now the articles shared each day are generic, lack the psychology they brag of, and aren’t interactive. I can read random health and weight loss articles on my own and save a lot of money. I’m in week four and the group is still dead.


  3. No. I keep trying to stay motivated but it’s hard. Every day they provide a couple of generic, bland health articles (“Whole grains are good”) that don’t give me much to act on/apply or excitement to.

    The group has become slightly more active, though— meaning, there are four or five of us now who post sometimes— and that does make a huge difference.

    I keep thinking about quitting, then starting over (using a discounted offer) to have the chance to go through the first three weeks of the good content (for less than $60/mo.- the current monthly rate).


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