Get Better Results with This Checklist of Changes

Do you feel like you are in a rut? If you’re starting to feel lost then it’s time to get back to healthy basics and follow this checklist. Whenever you are falling off the wagon refer back to this list to help steer you back to healthy.  Sometimes all you need is a push.

  • Limit yourself to one coffee a day. Try switching to a less milky option, like a long black with a dash of milk. Or better yet try not drinking coffee at all!
  • Talking about drinking, swap every drink for a glass of water. Drinking more water is a great way to control unnecessary and unhealthy snacking and keep your body hydrated.
  • Create a positive affirmation just for you. Example for me is “I am fearless.” Does that sound like you! Write it down, say it aloud each day!
  • Take a walk! Even if you’re not feeling like going to the gym, take yourself for a walk — you’ll appreciate the fresh air and the calorie burn. Even in the heat!
  • Start weight lifting! Incorporating weights into your weekly workout rotation will help you get results faster. Many gyms have a free one time fitness training program to get you started. Weightlifting will help get you toned and help with weight loss.
  • Don’t fall for the diet fads.  The All fat diet, the no fat diet, the cabbage diet – WTH! They’ll derail your progress.
  • Add a superfood to every meal. Here is a link to 52 of the healthiest Superfoods J
  • Get your sleep! Everyone needs it!!
  • Keep electronics out of your room! If you need your phone in your room then switch it to night mode (or Night Shift mode, for those with an iPhone) to help with eye strain.
  • Make more time for you (you deserve it)!! Make sure you’re giving yourself time to do things for you. This can be a long luxurious bath, reading a good book, making lunch for tomorrow, exercising, and more!

Hope these help you become an even better version of yourself! Love yourself and get moving!

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