Breaking Barriers – Getting You Unstuck – Self Doubt

Have you been working on becoming more healthy or exercising and then that little voice tells you that you don’t have the knowledge, skills or grit to stick to a plan? Are you ready to quit even before you start? If so then this article is to help you through that!

Perhaps you don’t believe you have the knowledge, skills or grit to stick to a plan. You think that if you do not know how to then why even bother. If that’s the case, you’ll be erecting roadblocks before you’ve even begun. Stop!
Consider working with a dietician, personal trainer or wellness coach, even if is just for a short period of time.  Your work may even have coaches available for you, so reach out to your local HR department to see. Check with your gym to see about a personal trainer to help you through your questions. These professionals can help you map out an individualized sensible plan with the vital information you need to succeed.  From worksheets to tips and tricks this may be just what you need to keep on track.

Get online – Keeping up with new articles, blogs and member success stories on myfitnesspal blog or myfitnesspal message boards, Womens Health Magazine, etc.  These types of things will help you to see that with the right attitude and determination any goal is possible.

Follow your gut as to what healthy habits you need to adopt to reach your end goal, and use professionals if you need assistance. Get healthy and get unstuck! You are more capable thank you think!
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