How Many Gym Memberships Do You Have?

Here’s a great question for you, how many gym memberships do you have?  This would include any studios, personal trainers, classes, etc? How many places do you typically work out in?

Reason being, I currently have 3 gym memberships plus a Groupon for Yoga for a month, that I haven’t started yet.

Here’s the backstory? For a long time I used to poke fun to one of very good friends for having so many different gym memberships. She would jump on bandwagons, doing newest and best thing. She did the Barre gym, the 9 – Round boxing gym, the times fitness gym. I do admit some of them peaked my interest but I didn’t try them. They were too expensive, or not at the right time for me. My Friend also fall off those bandwagons as they were inconvenient, or too expensive after some time.

Now that I  have been going to the gym for some time, i feel that I may be what I joked with her about. I have one gym membership by work, its literally next door, and takes me less than 5 minutes to get there. I like to work out during lunch time to relieve stress and get away from the screens.

I have a membership at the YMCA (I also get a discount for this one via work – yay) where there is a PUMP class that i love to take. I am also thinking of expanding my classes to more soon as well, but  the class is Thursday and Sat/sun, there are no classes like this at the gym near work.

I also have a membership where my boy friend works out, and when its crappy or cold outside we will go there to walk after work. We also walk outside as much as possible Sunday-Thursday.

So my question to you, is 3-4 memberships too  much? Have I turned into my friend who I used to give flack to about multi-gym memberships??


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