Cut This Out of Your Life to be Healthy

There are many things that you can do to be healthier, from doing things you hate, to doing things that actually hurt your self-being.  While anyone can say to cut food/calories and work out, there are other things that you can also do to help be more healthy.

  1. Negative self-talk:Would you tolerate others talking to you this way? So not then way do this to yourself?? Stop being mean and thinking less of yourself. Instead of the negative self-talk, give yourself compliments. You are good enough; you are a strong woman (or man). Mentally take notes on this and see if you talk negatively about yourself and instead say positive things. After a few days this can be more natural and so much more healthy for you.
  2. Workouts that you do not like: I do not like to do a spin class, and you know what? You won’t see me in one anytime soon, even with friends who like it. there are so many different types of exercise out there that you will eventually find something that clicks with you and in turn sticks with you 🙂
  3. Stress: This can be a hard one, from stress at work to everyday living, we all have it in some shape or form. The thing about stress is that you need to learn how to get past it. Talk to a therapist, meditate, try self-care, exercise, talk walks after dinner or work to unwind(I do this), all of these can help.

These are just a few habits that may come into play when trying to be a heather, happy you. Work on these and others that may be hindering your better self.  Let me know how you overcome these or similar issues.

Breaking Barriers – Getting You Unstuck – Self Doubt

Have you been working on becoming more healthy or exercising and then that little voice tells you that you don’t have the knowledge, skills or grit to stick to a plan? Are you ready to quit even before you start? If so then this article is to help you through that!

Perhaps you don’t believe you have the knowledge, skills or grit to stick to a plan. You think that if you do not know how to then why even bother. If that’s the case, you’ll be erecting roadblocks before you’ve even begun. Stop!
Consider working with a dietician, personal trainer or wellness coach, even if is just for a short period of time.  Your work may even have coaches available for you, so reach out to your local HR department to see. Check with your gym to see about a personal trainer to help you through your questions. These professionals can help you map out an individualized sensible plan with the vital information you need to succeed.  From worksheets to tips and tricks this may be just what you need to keep on track.

Get online – Keeping up with new articles, blogs and member success stories on myfitnesspal blog or myfitnesspal message boards, Womens Health Magazine, etc.  These types of things will help you to see that with the right attitude and determination any goal is possible.

Follow your gut as to what healthy habits you need to adopt to reach your end goal, and use professionals if you need assistance. Get healthy and get unstuck! You are more capable thank you think!
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Mental Tricks to Beat Cravings – Distractions

Everyone gets cravings ever now and then (or more so for me). What I do to help this is to have a list of things that I can do instead, or distractions to get my mind off of it. Before a craving strikes, be ready to combat it by having a ready list of alternative activities to help beat the cravings. Things on my list:

Paint my nails

Read a book

Go for a run/walk

Clean the house


By having this list handy you can concentrate on something different and then watch how the craving starts to diminish.

Reply to this thread and let me know how this works for you.

Other possible distractions may be:

Play a video game

Groom your pets

Call your friends



Brushing your teeth

Deep breathing


Fast Food that’s Actually Healthy! – McDonald’s Asian Salad.

McDonald’s Asian Inspired Salad

McDonald’s is trying to get into the swing of things in terms of the healthy lifestyles. No longer just a budget burger joint; its evolving salad lineup is really taking off. The Asian-inspired salad is currently my go-to at work, because it’s got almost 30 grams of protein from the grilled chicken(do not get the fried) and edamame, 5 grams of fiber from all the veggies(bell peppers, Kale, onions), plus healthy fats from the crunchy nuts. I try to use only ½ of a packet of dressing. This salad is relatively low in sodium and carbs, and tastes great! It’s the perfect fusion of Asian and deliciousness 🙂

Nutrition Breakdown:

Asian Sesame Fusion Grilled Chicken With Only Half a Packet of Dressing
Calories: 315
Fat: 14.5 grams
Carbs: 19 grams
Protein: 26 grams
Fiber: 5 grams
Sodium: 470 milligrams

Breaking Barriers – Getting You Unstuck – Fear of Failure

Have you been working on becoming more healthy or exercising and then that little voice tells you that you know you will fail? Are you already quitting even before you start? If so then this article is to help you through that!

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

When we anticipate failure we are giving up before we even start. It is a huge motivation killer for any type of task. I mean why even bother is you are only going to fail anyways, right? Why is it that a part of you truly believes that you won’t succeed?

How can you overcome the fear of failure? We need to experience success! We discussed this in an earlier article, but instead of saying that you want to lose 20 pounds, aim for 2 or 5 to start. Did you drink soda daily but have cut down to one glass per day or maybe none at all, that is a huge win already! Maybe you ate out for lunch at work, but lately have been bringing a healthier option into work, again you have achieved success!!

Here is something that can help you “see” these small wins! List every difficult accomplishment that you have had in the last year, or last 10 years, and look at how much you have succeeded in. You are successful and you now have proof.

Keep at this as you make goals for yourself. Break them down into smaller achievable milestones. Keep a journal of all of the things you achieved each day and the fear of failure will start to dissipate, you got this!


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