May Challenge – Drink More Water!

Hello Everyone! For May’s challenge I wanted to do something a little differently. While this challenge is not exercised based, I still think it will be quite hard to complete!

drink water

Those who have documented their 30 day challenge noted that they were feeling a little nauseous if they drank too much at once(especially at first), and that their skin within the first few days began to break out due to the water pushing toxins out of their body. But by the second week they began to feel more energy and less bloated from drinking the water. Then on week 3 people actually had a craving for water, so consuming a gallon didn’t seem like a challenge at all.

The major takeaways from this challenge that I have read was, by many, that by the end their skin complexion had improved, they had more energy, and slept better at night. Some also stated that they experienced less headaches and weight loss due to filling up with water every day.


Drinking too much water? From

“In rare cases, drinking an extreme amount in a short time can be dangerous. It can cause the level of salt, or sodium, in your blood to drop too low. That’s a condition called hyponatremia.It’s very serious, and can be fatal. You may hear it called water intoxication.

How much would you have to drink? An enormous amount. Gallons and gallons of water.”

So don’t go overboard!

Print out this list to help you meet your goals!

water challange 2